2012 The Grand Ho Tram Strip selects TUKU Conveyor

TUKU Auto Conveyor chain is the chain offered to the laundry industry that is constructed of aluminum. This construction not only provides greater pull strength, but also the corrosion resistance needed for long-term operation in a garment finisher.

Hospitality sector tapping robots to ease workloads and streamline processes

The Uniform Management System automatically tracks RFID tagged uniform pieces when issued to employees, and as it is shipped to and received back from the laundry. The RFID technology allows for multiple uniforms to be processed simultaneously and automatically, significantly benefiting the large-scale operation at Grand Ho Tram Strip  .The TUKU Uniform System establishes organization, control, accountability, and efficient processes.

The Uniform System at Grand Ho Tram Strip  also interfaces with automated uniform sorting and distribution conveyors to streamline the uniform storage and retrieval processes. The sorting conveyor automatically sorts the uniforms to be grouped for each employee so that the uniforms can be quickly loaded onto the automated uniform distribution conveyors. Uniforms are then automatically distributed to employees when they swipe their employee ID cards, and the Uniform Management System automatically records which uniforms were issued to each employee.

The RFID technology eliminates the daily task of physically separating the different types of uniforms and then hand-counting and manually-recording, reducing labor costs and human error. In addition, the Uniform Management System provides 100% accountability for the approximately 1,800 employees. The system benefits include eliminating uniform losses, lowering uniform purchases, and improving labor productivity