The SynthReSpin & ReClaimer is an innovative textile recycling machine designed to address the challenge of efficiently separating and recycling leftover yarn from synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester, still wound on bobbins. This state-of-the-art device automates the process of unwinding residual yarn from both plastic and cardboard bobbins, ensuring minimal manual intervention and maximizing productivity.

Utilizing advanced air splicing technology, the SynthReSpin & ReClaimer seamlessly joins ends of the same type of yarn from different spools, effectively rewinding it into full, reusable spools. This process not only recovers valuable synthetic yarn for reuse in new textile production but also significantly reduces waste, contributing to more sustainable textile manufacturing practices.

Designed for the modern textile industry, the machine promises to revolutionize yarn recycling by making it more efficient, less labor-intensive, and more eco-friendly. It supports the circular economy in the textile sector by turning waste into a valuable resource, thereby aiding businesses in reducing their environmental footprint while optimizing their production processes.

Machine Introduction

The innovative ReYarnizer is specifically tailored for effective management of leftover fibers, addressing the textile industry’s need for efficient recycling and repurposing. It adeptly handles a broad spectrum of yarn types, from chemical fibers and cotton yarns to industrial filaments, low-elastic yarns, mop yarns, and carpet yarns. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this machine excels in winding leftover yarn into neatly formed cone or cylindrical packages, perfectly prepared for further processing or recycling stages. It ensures exceptional package quality, operates with high efficiency, and notably reduces waste by meticulously managing edge loss. This makes the ReYarnizer an essential tool for textile manufacturers aiming to enhance sustainability and efficiency in their operations, particularly in the recycling and reclamation of synthetic fibers.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Specification
Bobbin Length Adjustable from 230mm to 280mm to accommodate various yarn requirements.
Layout Single side configuration with 4 to 60 spindles per set, customizable.
Power Supply Available in 3 Phase 380V or Single Phase 220V 50/60Hz.
Drive Independently controlled for each spindle.
Power Consumption Economical at 370W per spindle.
Take Up Package Supports cone-cylindrical package shapes.
Winding Speed Adjustable from 300 to 1000 meters per minute.
Winding Length Easily set and monitored via PLC, display showing the yarn length.
Auto Stop Features an electronic yarn stop device.
Speed Adjust Easily controlled by inverter.
Overlapping Utilizes an electronic overlapping system.
Lighting Device Equipped with a lighting device.
Slub-Catcher Available as an optional feature.
Air Splicer Optional attachment for seamless yarn joining.
Clean Traveller Optional feature for maintaining cleanliness.
Weight Measurement An optional feature for precise control over yarn package weight.
Special Customized Available in configurations of 2, 4, 6, 8 spindles.
Dimensions (LxWxH) Measures 2.08 meters in length, 0.94 meters in width, and 1.63 meters in height.