Singapore Boxing Machine


Full Automatic Boxing Machine is widely applicable for automatic boxing of products in food, daily necessities, medical, and other industries. It automatically completes a series of steps such as automatic feeding, automatic box opening, automatic boxing, and automatic tongue insertion.


Feature Specification
Model TUKU200 (Insertion type)
Packaging Speed (boxes/min) 30-60
Configuration Eight Servo
Dimensions of Formed Box (mm) Length: 120-250, Width: 45-180, Height: 30-100
Quality Requirements for Carton Carton should have pre-folding effect, 250-350g/m2
Power Type Three-phase four-wire AC 380V 50HZ
Total Power (approx. kW) 4.9
Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) (Includes glue sprayer height) 4104.5*1715*1900
Compressed Air Working Pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Compressed Air Consumption (L/min) About 25~40
Net Weight of the Machine (kg) 900

Key Features :

  • The machine adopts an eight-servo drive, with independent control and material feed detection.
  • The exterior of the machine features a sheet metal structure, with a smooth design, pleasing aesthetics, and easy operation.
  • The machine utilizes a motion controller, offering stable and reliable operation.
  • A touchscreen displays real-time operational data. It also features automatic memory for formulas and easy switching between product storage functions, facilitating convenient operation.
  • The machine is compatible with various specifications of cartons, making adjustments easy.
  • It includes the option to choose auxiliary functions such as inkjet marking or steel stamp marking.
  • A double-servo push-feed control provides stable and accurate boxing.
  • Multiple safety protection measures are implemented, with a fault self-diagnosis function, making any faults easy to identify at a glance.

Advantage Description:

Automatic Boxing Machine in Singapore
Safety Protection Packing Singapore
Servo Control In Singapore

Double-rod control for feeding and pressing materials.

Independent servo control for the main chain.

Dual servos independently control feeding and pressing materials.

Material Feeding Singapore
Box Suction Singapore
Motion Controller Singapore

The cylinder automatically rises to resolve box jamming issues.

Independent servo control for upper box suction

Independent servo control for lower box suction

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