Method For Solving The Problem Of Clumped Powder Bulk Material In Big Bags

Big bag crusher utilizes a number of features to effectively break up and loosen the clumps of powder.

How does a Big bag Crusher work?

Firstly, the big bag crusher has a powerful hydraulic double-arm grip, which allows for powerful compressing force to be exerted on the clumps of powder. This is further assisted by the use of 8 support columns, which are used to ring-compress the loose clumps.

Secondly, The bottom plate of the machine is designed to rotate 360 degrees, which means that the machine can approach the clumps of powder from all angles and break them up. This allows for no-dead-angle loosening of clumps without the need to unpack.

Efficiently Processes Large Quantities Of Clumped Powder

Big Bag Crusher is capable of solving the problem at a high speed, with a rate of 12-18 bags per hour. This means that large quantities of clumped powder can be processed quickly and efficiently.

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