Car Spoiler Conveyor

What is the Spoiler Conveyor?

Overhead conveyor system can be used to transport car spoilers, Tailgate, Bumper,Grill,Plastic Fender,Rock Panel,Front-end Carrier or other automotive parts like through a manufacturing or assembly facility. The conveyor system consists of a series of tracks mounted on the ceiling of the facility, with a motorized chain or belt that moves along the tracks. The spoilers can be attached to carriers or trolleys that ride on the conveyor, allowing them to be easily moved from plastic injection and bonding area to work in process buffer accumulation and painting coating production area without the need for manual handling. This can help to increase the efficiency and speed of the manufacturing process, as well as reduce the risk of injury to workers.

Streamline Your Manufacturing Process with an Overhead Conveyor System for Car Spoilers

In a manufacturing or assembly facility that uses an overhead conveyor system, car spoilers or other automotive parts are placed on special hangers after they have gone through the painting and plastic injection process. Each hanger has a barcode and an RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. When the staff scans the barcode of the product, the RFID on the hanger is checked to ensure that it matches the product.

The hangers with the car spoilers on them are then moved along the overhead conveyor system to a buffer area, where they can be temporarily stored on a gravity slide rail. The car spoilers are sorted and stored according to their color or SKU (stock keeping unit) in the buffer area. If the next process in the manufacturing process requires a particular car spoiler, it can be called out from the buffer area and automatically transferred to the assigned workstation by the overhead conveyor.

This process helps to streamline the manufacturing process, as it allows car spoilers to be easily moved and tracked throughout the facility. It also helps to reduce the risk of errors, as the RFID tags ensure that the correct car spoilers are being sent to the correct workstations. Overall, the use of an overhead conveyor system can help to increase the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process.

Maximize efficiency and minimize risk with our overhead conveyor solution

An overhead conveyor system is essential for efficient and safe car spoiler manufacturing, as it allows for the automation of material handling and tracking, reducing the risk of injury to workers and improving the speed and accuracy of the production process.

The benefits of using an overhead conveyor system for car spoilers

  • Increased efficiency: An overhead conveyor system allows car spoilers to be easily transported from one location to another within the facility, reducing the need for manual handling and increasing the speed of the production process.
  • Improved safety: By using an overhead conveyor system, workers are not required to lift or carry heavy car spoilers, which can reduce the risk of injury.

  • Enhanced tracking and accuracy: An overhead conveyor system can be equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, which allows for real-time tracking of the car spoilers and helps to ensure that the correct parts are being sent to the correct workstations.

  • Enhanced flexibility: An overhead conveyor system can be easily reconfigured or adjusted to accommodate changes in the production process, allowing for greater flexibility in the manufacturing process.

  • Reduced material damage: Because car spoilers are not handled manually, they are less likely to be damaged during the manufacturing process, which can help to reduce costs and improve the quality of the finished product.

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