Carton Case Erector

The carton erector is a machine that automates the picking, opening, and sealing the bottom end of cardboard boxes, making it easy for you to fill your products into it. This machine reduces the labor required and margin of error when erecting perfectly rectangular cardboard cartons, guaranteeing a trouble-free packaging experience.

The carton erector is usually used in conjunction with a carton sealer to complete the packaging process. With our machine, you will enjoy increased productivity, improved product protection, and reduced labor costs.

Performance and Technical Parameters

Description Data
Box Size Length 280-500mm
Box Size Width 150-400mm
Box Size Height 150-400mm
Box Erecting Speed 5-30 pcs/min
Air Pressure Source 6 Kg/cm²
Machine Net Weight 620 Kg
Machine Dimensions L2845XW2000XH1400mm
Power Type 220V 50Hz
Suitable Tape) W48;W60;W75 (choose one)

Benefits to using Carton Erector

  • Increased productivity: The automatic operation of the machine reduces the need for manual labor, allowing you to increase your production speed and efficiency.

  • Improved product protection: The machine accurately erects boxes to the exact specifications, ensuring that your products are protected during transportation.

  • Reduced costs: The machine eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing your labor costs and improving your bottom line.

  • Versatile use: The machine’s customizable settings make it suitable for a wide range of industries, making it a versatile investment for your business.

Carton Erector Features

Carton Erector Customized Design

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