Industrial dust and lint control and clean fan blower

TUKU dust fans provide safety, economic and regulatory compliance solutions to facilities that generate fugitive dust and lint, including wood products and furniture manufacturing; paper making, paper products production and recycling; plastics processing, finishing and recycling; textiles and nonwoven fabrics production; laundry facilities; food and grain processing; and multiple other industries.

Industrial Laundry Dust Lint Control Fans

Improve Plant Safety & Maximize Productivity Combustible Lint in the Laundry Industry What is inevitable in every laundry facility? Lint. These small particles don’t dissipate heat well, and they offer a high-ratio surface area. The result: lint is susceptible to spontaneous combustion; these miniscule fibers are highly combustible and are the

Why Do You Clean Your Plant Dust and Lint?

Improve Plant Safety & Maximize Productivity Why Do You Clean Your Plant Dust and Lint? Each year, businesses must decide where to invest their plant maintenance dollars. For many plants, one of the top priorities is maintaining a clean facility. Investing time and money in plant cleanliness, especially industrial dust control,

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