food delivery conveyor

Ghost Cloud Kitchen Vertical Conveyor

Ghost Cloud Kitchen Vertical Conveyor At dark kitchens we help virtual restaurateurs succeed in delivery. The conveyor solution will automate the delivery model, so you can focus on the food. The orders are delivered faster and more accurately, vertical lifter ,transport and accumulation conveyor will help restaurants facilitate inbound to-go orders and distribute them

Restaurant Food Delivery Automation

Restaurant Kitchen Food Delivery Automation Running in the aerial space with independent lifting system, orbital fast automatic handling system. Due to the three-dimensional characteristics of the system, it can realize a layout that cannot be achieved by ground logistic equipment and can connect multiple workstations in a short distance. In addition, there are branch

Suspended Kitchen Conveyor

Suspended Kitchen Conveyor 100 percent touchless restaurant is perhaps the most striking feature for a Post-COVID World. A suspended kitchen and dining room above the drive-thru lanes configured to reduce the building footprint, making it ideal for urban driving cities. Drive-thru guests have their order delivered from the suspended kitchen via restaurant kitchen conveyor

Restaurant Kitchen Transporter

Restaurant Kitchen Transporter With rapid daily progress, business models of shopping malls and restaurants are constantly being updated, the economy is developing rapidly, and the fast-paced life of consumers is increasingly demanding convenient and efficient services. Under such a current situation, new requirements have been put forward for the design and construction of modern

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