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Hospital RFID Scrub Dispensers | Automated Linen & Uniform Dispensing Solutions

Current Status of Medical Textile Management Tedious handover counts increase the burden on medical staff. Managing linen assets is challenging and prone to loss. Departmental inventory is unclear, hindering distribution and emergency dispatch. Linen assets cannot be tracked, indicating

8 Key Points for Hospital Laundry Procedures

It is important to understand the proper procedures for washing fabrics in hospitals, including patient clothing, bed sheets, room towels, surgical towels, and medical staff uniforms. The textiles that need to be washed in hospitals include patient clothing, bed sheets, ward towels, surgical towels, medical staff work clothes,

Medical Healthcare Laundry Solutions

Taking note of the following aspects when planning to build a Medical Healthcare laundry facility. Firstly, it is important to adhere to the hygiene industry standard for hospital medical textile washing and disinfection technology. This standard specifies the architectural layout requirements for medical textile washing sites, including hospital laundry

Laundry Consulting

TUKU accompanies commercial laundries, international hotel chains, hospitality and leisure industry, with tailor-made advice in every phase of laundry dry cleaning plant workflow planning. Based on our many years of experience, we provide you with analyses and material flow simulations, garment logistics simulations and FTS simulations for your operation. In addition, we give you

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