lump breaker

Filter Cake Disintegrator Sludge Grinder

TUKMN Series Overview The TUKMN Series excels in high efficiency, functioning as an effective filter cake disintegrator and sludge grinder, suitable for wastewater treatment and broader industrial use. Designed with simplicity and high capacity in mind, the TUKMN Series integrates energy-efficient features, making it align with modern sustainable industrial

Large Block Crusher – Efficient and Durable Industrial Lump Breaker

Large Block Crusher (Large Block Breaker) The Large Block Crusher is designed for straightforward operation, making it accessible for all users. Its intuitive controls ensure minimal training is required, allowing for quick integration into existing production lines. Constructed from high-quality, wear-resistant materials such as carbon steel and 304 stainless

Passivating Fluid Purification Recycling System

The Passivating Fluid Purification Recycling System, utilizes molecular sieve as its core component. This system employs a physical filtration process to efficiently filter metal ions like iron and zinc from passivation fluids. It effectively restores the performance of the passivation liquid, enabling its regeneration and reuse. The system ensures the passivation fluid

A Case Study on How Utilizing FIBC Big Bags Can Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

When we began considering using FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) I have been transferred to a composite fertilizer company to work according to job requirements, mainly responsible for purchasing management. In order to further reduce the cost of purchasing packaging, the company plans to try to promote the use of


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