material handling equipment

material handling equipment

Crash Auto Lock Bottom Carton Box Erector

Auto-lock Bottom Box Forming Machine The TKCA215 is manufactured using international advanced technology and imported components. This ensures high reliability and performance for your packaging needs. Suitable for packaging the same box size simultaneously. If you need to change box specifications, manual adjustment can be done within approximately

Large Block Crusher – Efficient and Durable Industrial Lump Breaker

Large Block Crusher (Large Block Breaker) The Large Block Crusher is designed for straightforward operation, making it accessible for all users. Its intuitive controls ensure minimal training is required, allowing for quick integration into existing production lines. Constructed from high-quality, wear-resistant materials such as carbon steel and 304 stainless

Cross-Belt Sorter Error Alert System

AI Real-Time Mis-Sorting Alarm System The system immediately alerts operators when a mis-sorted parcel is detected. Notifications are sent to employee terminals, and alarm lights at the sorting station are activated to intercept the mis-sorted items efficiently. Equipped with video traceability capabilities, the system allows users to input

Automatic Big Sack Filling and Soft Bag Packing Machine with Pneumatic Bag Grasper

Automatic Big Sack Filling and Soft Bag Packing Machine with Pneumatic Bag Grasper This machine is versatile and suitable for soft bags, hard bags, kraft paper bags, and plastic bags, making it ideal for various packaging needs. The 10.4" Operation Control Panel with a multi-language display allows for

Non-Powered Dust Suppression Guide Chute | Efficient Dust Control System

Overview of Non-Powered Dust Suppression Guide Chute Non-Powered Dust Suppression Guide Chute is equipped with a flow-guiding alignment mechanism at the interface between the coal drop pipe and the guide chute. This mechanism ensures that the coal stream is centralized and correctly aligned, preventing belt misalignment during operation. Additionally, a modular first-stage automatic circulation

Automatic Decanting Packaging Line for 1-10L Barrels

1-10L Square Barrel, Round Barrel Automatic Whole Line The initial step involves manually placing the barrels, which are then sorted automatically by the barrel sorting machine. This ensures a smooth and efficient start to the process. This machine prints and applies labels automatically, ensuring accurate and consistent

90 Degree Transfer Conveyor Machine

Product Overview The 90 Degree Transfer Machine is a high-efficiency automated conveying system designed for integrating vertical lifting and horizontal transportation. It comprises conveying systems, jacking mechanisms, and bottom drive units, performing material jacking, shifting, direction changes, and line transfers, ideal for various industrial applications. Utilizing a cam structure, this machine offers

High-Density Intelligent Storage Solutions

Intensive Storage Solution for Unit-Load Automated storage solutions ensure high-density storage and efficient space utilization. The system uses pallets as the storage unit and integrates intelligent equipment such as lifters and shuttle robots to manage inventory. Automated handling involves the use of advanced conveyor systems and sorting technologies to transport goods efficiently.


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