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TUKU roving bobbin transport system and other Textile Machinery

Auto Fiber Separation and Reclamation System

The SynthReSpin & ReClaimer is an innovative textile recycling machine designed to address the challenge of efficiently separating and recycling leftover yarn from synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester, still wound on bobbins. This state-of-the-art device automates the process of unwinding residual yarn from both plastic and cardboard bobbins, ensuring minimal manual intervention and

How RFID USED in Roving Bobbin Transport System

How RFID is Used in the Roving Bobbin Transport System Over the past few years of textile development, roving frames have transitioned from traditional iron cannon speed adjustments to being dominated by computerized roving frames. With the rise of computerized roving frames, labor shortages and high labor costs have driven the

Cone Cylinder Yarn Carrier Finger Feeding Handling Inner Extender

Cone Cylinder Yarn Carrier Finger Feeding Handling Inner Extender Manipulator Flexible Soft Robot Pneumatic Gripper Manipulator flexible soft robot pneumatic gripper for textile yarn cone handling, garment clothing fabric gripping. By engaging in continuous product development, we are able to manufacture conveyors of

Cone Auto Packing and Robotic Palletizer

Cone Auto Packing and Robotic Palletizer Cone yarn automatic packing line is completely solution for woven bag automatic bagging and carton box packing . The solution through unmanned packaging reduced packaging costs. The equipment function include single cone weighting, single cone automatic filming, automatic packing, automatic strapping, automatic weighting, automatic labeling, automatic palletizing and

Cone Overhead Conveyor Transporter

Cone Yarn Overhead Conveyor Transporter Cones transportation system is used for the produced cones from the winder to the packing area through conveyor. The cones loaded on the conveyor through vertical lifter. Transporting the cones through the conveyor. The cone overhead conveyor are unloaded by a vertical lifter to the subsequent process, e.g. palletizing,


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