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Design and Selection of Standard Rollers

In order to create an efficient and effective roller system, it is crucial to determine the dimensions, weight, and characteristics of the items to be conveyed. This becomes even more vital when considering special use conditions. Here’s a guide to help you gather the necessary information for designing your system:

Conveyor roller Selection
  • Consider the length, width, and height of the conveyed items.
  • Ascertain the weight of each conveyance unit.
  • The condition of the item’s bottom.
  • Any special requirements regarding the working environment (such as humidity, exceptional heights or lows, and the effects of chemicals)
  • Whether the conveyor is non-powered or driven by an electric motor.
Roller Specifications
  • In order to ensure stable transport of the goods, at least three rollers should be in contact with the item at all times.
  • For items with soft bag packaging, consider the use of pallets for transportation when necessary.
  • Distribute the weight of the conveyed items evenly across a sufficient number of rollers, considering the load capacity of each one.
how to choose conveyor roller
  • The width of the roller (represented as ‘W’ in product catalogs) should be suitable for different item widths. In general, the width of the conveyed item (represented as ‘A’) should be added to a value between 50 and 150mm.
  • Depending on the overall conveyor machine’s specific requirements, choose an appropriate installation method for the rollers.
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  • In situations where the item has a high bottom hardness, and assuming it does not affect the safe and normal conveyance, the item’s width can be greater than the length of the roller surface, typically taking W≥0.8A.

Conveyor Roller Load Table

roller load table

Design and Selection of Conical Rollers

For the conical roller of the curve conveyor, the length of the roller can be referred to the following calculation formula:

curve conveyor roller formula
curve conveyor roller calculation

Installation Methods And Size Of Standard Roller

Spring-Loaded Installation

spring conveyor roller

Internal Thread Installation

thread conveyor roller
Shaft Diameter D
Internal Thread Specification
Ø 12
Ø 15
Ø 17
Ø 20

Full Flat Tenon Installation

tenon conveyor roller

Shaft Diameter D

Flat tenon specification b×h









Other installation methods will be covered upon request

other conveyor roller installation

Conveyor Roller Types

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