Optimizes Crate Workflow
Automating Internal Processes

Conveyor for Dairy Plant and Poultry Processing

Empty crate collected from vehicle to storage area. From storage area to crate washing machine and after washing to pouch packing line or return to the production process for Milk , poultry, and after filling crate and unloading Conveyor systems for unloading on vehicle a filled pouch on the crate is loaded on Overhead Conveyor hanger to storage/vehicle loading. The Overhead Conveyor will run smoothly without shaking and breaking. This installation proved 50% cost saver, maintenance, and service life also a valuable floor space saver help to reduce workmen fatigue and increase labor productivity that ensures quick payback and low downtime.

Fully automatic crate handling at the receiving area is becoming more common in modern slaughterhouses. From the receiving area the containers are placed on the conveyor system and the crates are unloaded automatically.
The crates are then conveyed towards the hanging area, where the containers are transferred onto a overhead monorail system to be conveyed to the washing area for full cleaning and disinfection.
After the birds have been hung into the shackles the crates are then conveyed, via a crate washer, towards the reloading station. There, the crates are pushed back into the containers and are ready to be re-used.
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The use of the overhead space (6 m height) will significantly reduce the amount of floor space required and the volume of pedestrian and pallet truck movement at the floor level. The installation is almost complete and has involved mechanical, electrical and controls installation crews working day and night hours in order not to interrupt production.