Filter Media Pleat And Adhesives Machine

This production line is design for pleating and glue injection process of the filter media. The production line consists of three parts: feeding module, pleating module, and glue injection module (including glue melt machine).

Feeding Module Size L1.9M*W1.5M*H1.2M
Pleating Module Size L1.8M*W1.6M*H1.7M
Glue Module Size L5.7M*W1.2M*H1.9M
Feeding Speed 0.5m/min-12m/min  adjustable
Paper Media Maximum Width 650mm
Paper Media Minimum Cut Width 15mm
Pleat Height 10mm-67mm
Maximum Pleat Width 600mm
Glue Injection Height 10mm-67mm
Glue Injection Speed 8m/min-20m/min adjustable
Glue Injection Space  1mm-8mm adjustable
Glue Injection Model Continuous and Intermittent
Total Power Production Line 7.5kw    Hot-melt adhesive 8kw