How does a conveyor belt pass through a fire compartment?

When designing and installing a conveyor belt, the regulations for fire compartments should be observed. A fire compartment is a separation zone within a building or other structure that is designed to limit the spread of fire.

If a conveyor belt needs to pass through a fire compartment, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure safety. These measures include:

  1. Use fire doors or fire valves at the connection between the conveyor belt and the fire compartment. These doors or valves can automatically close in the event of a fire, preventing the spread of flames.
  2. Coat the conveyor belt with fire-resistant paint or insulation material. This can prevent a fire from spreading through the conveyor belt.
  3. Install a fire alarm system and fire suppression system to take emergency measures in the event of a fire.
  4. Regularly inspect and maintain the conveyor belt to ensure proper operation and prevent accidents that could cause a fire.

Meeting the Highest Safety Standards

When a conveyor belt or other equipment needs to pass through a fire compartment, it is important to follow all relevant fire regulations and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the facility and its occupants.

Design and implement automatic disconnection for conveyor line at fire shutter.

To achieve an automatic disconnection structure for the conveyor line at the fire shutter, when a fire occurs, the operation is automatically stopped and the track passing through the fire shutter is disconnected, forming a fire separation zone, the following design and implementation can be carried out:

5 Steps To Implement A Conveyor Through A Firewall

  • Install a fireproof roller shutter. The fireproof roller shutter will automatically drop down in the event of a fire, forming a fire-resistant barrier.

  • Install fire sensors at the fireproof roller shutter of the conveyor line. The sensors will promptly detect fires and send signals when a fire occurs.

  • Install an automatic conveyor disconnection device. The device will receive signals from the fire sensors and trigger a disconnection mechanism

  • Install a disconnection mechanism. The mechanism will disconnect the conveyor line track at the fireproof roller shutter, causing the conveyor line to stop running.

  • Set up an automatic stop device. The device will receive signals from the fire sensors and trigger the conveyor line to stop running.

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