Load and Pick Single Hanger From Squeezing Clothes

An automatic arm module to loading and pick single garment from carousel conveyor or garment storage rack marked narrow slots. Special designed hanger expander separator accurately load and pick single SKU to and from squeezing clothes.

Garment Pick

As an important auto pick and load device for the squeez garment on hanger storage, Garment-to-person picking solution can achieve high-density storage by using the innovative AGV Roboshuttle and narrow aisle design, while maintaining high efficiency.

Garment Hanger Handling Manipulator work with AGV&AMR auto load and pick garment from clothes hanging shelves to order consolidate station, completely eliminating the redundant walking of the picking workers, improving picking accuracy, and reducing labor intensity.

garment on hanger pick agv amr robot
single garment loading amr agv