Garment Conveyor Price

Purchase Process From Direct Manufacture

garment conveyor price

Garment conveyor price calculated base on the conveyor module unit price and quantity with the control and software system according to solution requirement.The below lists the works we need to do at different stages of the project. If you need more detailed information, please contact us.

Step1 Design Order Confirmation
Step2 Understand the actual needs of customers through videos and on-site surveys and confirm the relevant requirements of customer specifications
Step3 Feasibility assessment of equipment development according to customer requirements
Step4 Conveyor mechanical design module selection according to the project requirment
Step5 Plan internal review with control system
Step6 Structural 3D design and control system design
Step7 Design review plan review
Step8 Design accurate detail and programming
Step9 BOM Prepare
Step10 2D Engineering drawing
Step11 standard parts BOM, Customized parts BOM Prepare
Step12 Review the BOM list drawing design plan before production
Step13 Outsourcing and standard parts requisition for purchase
Step14 Validate the production samples, review and modify the design issues
Step15 Manufacture process problems solve and drawing update
Step16 Organize all design-related documents classify and archive
Step17 Project closed