Track Charging Docks for Easy Energy Access

Overhead EV Charging Station

Overhead EV Charging Station

aerial EV Charging Stations
Track-to-Vehicle Charging

From searching for charging stations to charging stations coming to you, revolutionizing EV charging

Aerial Automated Track-Based Charging Stations
Anywhere Charging

Charge wherever you park, no dedicated spots needed, eliminating charging anxiety.

modular EV charging system
Modular Track Design

Low-cost, full coverage charging infrastructure that effortlessly resolves the issue of non-EV parking in designated spots.

Safety and Specs

Aerial EV Charging System embodies the pinnacle of safety and operational excellence. Designed with an independent four-wheel drive and steering mechanism, this hanging mobile charging system revolutionizes electric vehicle (EV) charging by offering variable track airborne movement. Incorporating comprehensive safety features and versatile charging capabilities, it sets new standards in the EV charging infrastructure.

Singapore Electric Vehicle Charging Solution
Singapore Shared EV Charging solution
Safety Features Description
Emergency Power-Off Emergency shut-off buttons on each robot and within each fire safety zone.
Insulation Standards High-grade insulation between power lines and tracks.
Leakage and Shock Protection Strict anti-leakage and shock-proof design for robots and power lines.
Weatherproof Design IP67 or higher rating for waterproof, dustproof, and rainproof capabilities.
Fire Safety Compliance Adherence to strict fire safety standards throughout the system.
Structural Integrity High safety margin and redundancy in track installation and load capacity.

Innovative Solution: Overcoming Industry Challenges

Driven by the pressing challenges and a dynamic market landscape, we have developed this system as a tailored solution to elegantly address the evolving needs and pain points of the electric vehicle charging industry.

The growing demand for EV charging leads to long wait times at charging stations, creating stress and inconvenience for EV owners
Charging Queue Anxiety
Frequent occupation of designated EV charging spots by gasoline vehicles significantly reduces the availability of charging infrastructure.
Non-EV Parking in Designated Spots
The necessity to lease dedicated parking spots for charging stations results in high monthly expenses, contributing to the long payback period for charging infrastructure investments.
High Operational Costs

Track-Shift Aerial Robot: Transforming EV Charging Dynamics

Singapore. EV Charging robot

Universal Charging Spots: Modular Design Ends Spot Monopoly

Modular tracks ensure every parking space can charge, eliminating the need for reserved spots and reducing costs.


Charge Anywhere: Eliminate Queue Anxiety

Scan, park, and charge—our autonomous robots bring the power to you, transforming the EV charging experience.

Smart EV Charging Solutions

Dynamic Scheduling, Enhanced Sharing

Flexible robot dispatch and sharing boost charger utilization, slash deployment costs, and conserve energy, suitable for both underground and surface parking.

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