Three-Step Thread Retrieval

Match color, check the indicator light, and pick the thread. This process eliminates searching through hundreds of disorganized threads, saving time for pattern makers and seamstresses.

Precision in Color Matching

Uses a color collector to ensure the thread matches the sample garment, preventing inconsistencies due to human visual errors.

Accurate Inventory

Automatically tracks thread usage and stock, reducing waste and avoiding production delays from thread shortages.

Efficient Analysis

Offers key thread data reports, including inventory, usage, and age.

Sewing Thread Management Pain Points

Time-consuming Thread Searching

  1. Different brands of sewing threads lack a unified color code standard.
  2. It’s challenging to accurately distinguish similar-colored threads with the naked eye.
  3. When matching a sample fabric to a thread, comparing with a color card is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Arbitrary Storage

  1. Sewing threads are low-value consumables and are often overlooked in management.
  2. Threads of different brands, colors, and ages are mixed together.
  3. There’s a lack of unified containers and labels.

Inaccurate Recycling

  1. When recycling sewing threads, records of the remaining amount and color are imprecise.
  2. Recycled threads are mixed arbitrarily, lacking identifiable labels.
  3. When reusing recycled threads, it’s impossible to estimate the available amount.

Unclear Inventory

  1. The quantity, storage location, and usage of inventory threads are unclear.
  2. In urgent situations, the required threads can’t be found in the inventory, affecting processing.
  3. Accumulation of both new and old threads takes up space and incurs costs.

TUKU Thread Management Solutions

1.Thread Management Software

Computer with Sewing Thread Management Software and Integration with ERP and Other Software

sewing thread management software

2.Industrial Controller

It ensures that operations run smoothly and efficiently in a manufacturing or warehouse setting, acting upon the commands from the management software.

sewing thread system software

Accurately identify and differentiate between various thread colors reducing human error.

thread Color Recognition Sensor

4-1 Intelligent manage and track the threads stored within integrating with the sensors and other technological features to enhance thread storage and retrieval processes.

Automated thread cabinet

Applicable Scenarios


Pattern Room/Technical Center

Sewing thread management -1


Sample Garment Factory/Small Order Factory

Sewing thread management -2


Retail Stores

Sewing thread management -4


Sewing Thread Warehouse/Accessory Warehouse

Sewing thread management -3

Advantages of the Thread Management System

High Accuracy in Identification

Over 98% accuracy for solid colors, eliminating the need to flip through color cards when matching samples.

Versatile Software Features

Supports both thread and accessory management. Customizable functions and processes based on requirements.

Excellent System Scalability

Suitable for pattern rooms, sample garments, bulk production, retail, and more.Unrestricted by space size or thread quantity.Convenient integration with ERP systems.

Precise Thread Recycling Measurement

Identifies color, remaining quantity, and color code.Less than 100 meters margin of error for remaining quantity, over 98% color matching rate, and over 90% accuracy rate for color codes.

Quick Thread Location with Lighting

Intelligent cabinets come with built-in light guidance. Shelves or thread racks can be equipped with additional light guidance, improving thread-finding efficiency by 52%.

Simple and Easy-to-Learn Operation

No need for extensive pre-job training. Master the system in just 30 minutes and start as a skilled operator.

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