Weight Per Box Weight Per Meter Speed Per Minute Stretch Speed Per Minute
50kg 60kg 25-40m 10-15m
Telescopic Conveyor System For Truck Loading
Telescopic conveyor mechanism design
  • 1.Anti-collision device

  • 2.LED lights Ensure the brightness of the carriage during loading and unloading process

  • 3.Equipped with thick steel plate mixed anti-smashing device to resist 200KG/m2 heavy objects 2m high impact without deformation

  • 4.Smash resistant section Unpowered roller

  • 5.Belt Width: 800MM Thickness: 3MM/4MM Material: PVC/PVK Joint: hot melt
  • 6.Anti-pinch crevice brush protection in the unloading section
  • 7.Belt forward and reverse function.Effective automatic correction function
  • 9.Control box operation function Emergency stop function
  • 10.Main power 3-phase, 380V, 50HZ