Optimizes Fashion Warehouse
Tunnel Finisher Process

Tunnel Finisher Conveyor

In a fashion warehouse or laundry factory, the drying and finishing quality is important.
After replacing the dryer with the tunnel finisher, the effect can be seen.
Tunnel finisher conveyer system is a continuous process operation, after one process is completed, the garments automatically enters the next process, and the previous process is recycled for reprocessing, which greatly improves efficiency.
The clothes are hung and enter the conveyor line, and the conveyor line carries the clothes continuously and circulates into the tunnel finisher. The tunnel finisher is heated and dried, and the clothes are ironed and shaped.

The high-speed hot steam quickly passes through the hanging clothes to dry them, and the fibers become soft, which effectively prevents the clothes from becoming wrinkled and improves the quality of ironing. The important thing is that the hot air of the dryer can be recycled and reused to save energy.
After drying, the conveyor line will automatically transport the clothing to the folding machine for automatic folding and packaging. It realizes the fully automatic flow-through operation of clothing from drying, sorting and folding, improves production efficiency and drying quality, saves energy, reduces labor, and reduces labor intensity.