Overhead Conveyor Solution

Overhead Conveyor Solution

This type of conveyor gets its name from where it is normally found in a plant, factory or warehouse – overhead. Overhead conveyors utilize the open space above machines and people, which quite often is unused space.

Overhead Conveyor consists of:

A continuous circuit of chain running through track and a variety of vertical and horizontal curves.
A Drive unit that grabs the chain and pull it through the track.
A Take-up unit that ensures the chain is always stretched tight, even as it wears over many years of use.
Electrical controls which may be a simple on/off motor starter, a variable speed controller or it may have an industrial grade programmable logic controller or it may even have a PC or host system.
Synchronous Conveyor – it all moves together

The term synchronous is often used to describe what type of overhead conveyor system it is. The term means that all loads on the conveyor will move at the same harmonized pace, because the chain that carries them is continuous. For example: start the conveyor and all start, stop it and all stop.

The desired load being carried will be held with some sort of fixture, be it a simple or more complex carrier with many moving parts to lock in the load, allow the operators to swivel it, etc. These must be designed to move up and down along the track without problems.

Overhead Conveyor Carries Non-Conveyable Loads
The overhead conveyor can carry loads that are often considered to be non-conveyable on most conveyors due to their shape. The overhead conveyor is traditionally used in painting systems, where product cannot be handled by humans or there will be a paint defect. It can carry the loads through harsh environments like caustic washers, spray or paint application booths, and very hot drying and baking ovens without much effect on itself.

Energy Efficient Conveyor

The other overhead conveyor advantage is the ease of use. Most powered overhead conveyors consume less energy than a typical hair dryer; making it a somewhat more environmentally friendly option for your warehouse space and at the same time saves you money.